„Tower T“ der Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Paris, France


The Arcade was the second interactive Blinkenlights project with a light installation. As in Berlin, it was possible to set new standards in public space.

During the “Nuit Blanche Art Festival” in Paris, the “T” Tower of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France was transformed into a giant computer screen. The matrix stretched over 20 x 26 windows (520 directly addressable pixels), i.e. a surface area of 3,370 sqm – the largest computer screen in the world.

The installation began on 25 September 2002 and ran for eleven nights up to the official event on 5/6 October 2002. During this period, the tower presented itself in a continually changing picture of animations and interactive applications such as Tetris, the most popular computer game of all times, which you were able to play on your mobile telephone.

With specially developed technologies for Mac OS and Windows, everybody could design their own images and animations and submit them via e-mail. The projects became part of a playlist used to operate the façade during the entire performance.

With a novel technology it was possible to dim the light on the façade, which added a highly interesting new atmosphere to Paris by night.

Follow this link to watch the video documentary: