Visionary architecture - In harmony with nature

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Sustainability is no catchphrase – it implies a paradigm shift that affects all areas of life.

Visionary architects and innovative project developers understood this long ago. They have come up with completely new, modern and spectacular sustainable building concepts for living and working.

Houses that do not just stand somewhere in a natural setting but blend into it harmoniously are enjoying more and more popularity and attention. Renewable, sustainable materials for construction and fittings have been used increasingly for innovative house concepts. These houses have their own power and water supply systems. Concepts like this rely on material cycles similar to natural ones – up to 98% of input materials are recycled, no waste is produced (cradle-to-cradle approach). Direct interaction with nature is a clear focus; it’s all about creating things from Mother Nature’s force and beauty without harming her. Let us look at four spectacular house concepts: these houses were built in extraordinary harmony with nature. They hang, they’re engulfed or they float.