Rafflesia House
Zero-energy house in the tropics, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Winner of the Bird Island Competition 2007.

This concept was developed for an international competition (topic: zero energy housing). The task was to create buildings that would function in harmony with the environment, consist of renewable/recyclable materials and have their own energy household and a closed water cycle. Rafflesia House is a perfect mix as it provides a connection with nature while at the same time offering shelter from it (plants, rain, animals, sun, wind, heat/cold). The energy required by the house is generated by a photovoltaic system covering 92% of the roof area. The house is adapted to its given location and the natural conditions it has to withstand. It’s higher on one side so the wind is deflected by open doors and windows. The air gap between the lower and upper roofs insulates the inside from heat.