Two-storey house built with a 3D printer
Sozhou, China

International pioneer projects

Despite all adverse conditions, several initial pioneer projects using 3D printers have already been planned or even executed in China and the US.
In Sozhou, a rapidly growing city near Shanghai with a population of more than 10 million, the Chinese company WinSun has printed a 1,100 sqm prototype estate. Using a printer developed by the company, individual elements are produced for subsequent assembly into a two-storey villa. The house is printed from a specially made, patented mix of residual raw materials, construction waste and recyclable concrete. The blend is heated inside the printer and injected through a wide nozzle. After 24 hours of curing, the material is placed on steel girders and connected with wire rope. Insulation materials are used to fill wall cavities. This way, individual structural elements are produced one after another. It is reported that they can be used to build a house in just two days. For a condensed overview of the process, please click here.
With this pilot project, the Chinese construction company has shown that there are creative solutions to tackle the challenge of scarce residential housing in Sozhou in a quick, cost-efficient way.