Draft study for Adam Kushner’s luxury estate
Adam Kushner // Gardiner, USA

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Internationale Pionierprojekte

US citizen Adam Kushner of Kushner Studios, New York, is a visionary architect who intends to construct the first printed estate in the world in a place called Gardiner, some 85 miles from New York City. Size matters – his plans for the 250 sqm property include a swimming pool, a pool house and a carport. Kushner and his wife have already bought the plot. According to him, he found inspiration for the design in the natural rocky surroundings – which is to be reflected in the house with similar building materials being used. Kushner intends to print the estate on an advanced version of Enrico Dini’s oversize D-Shape printer, using a material blend of sand, rocky granules and magnesium-based binder.
Kushner is expecting to gather relevant insights for other sustainable projects during the production process, “If we can build a pool, then we can begin building reefs and repair bridges, bulkheads and other underwater structures, which there is a huge worldwide need (for).” According to Kushner, it would simply be the next logical step to use lessons learned from this project to offer low-price accommodation, which can be developed inexpensively by means of 3D technology. It would even be possible to create emergency shelters in a very short time.