Floating Development – new habitat on the water

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"Water is Real Estate," says Mathias Tobias of IMF (International Marine Floating Systems), Vancouver, confirming a trend that is becoming increasingly visible wherever people live by the water.

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, initiated in 2014 the planning and construction of the first "Floating Village" at the London Royal Dock. Other water-based projects are being developed in Boston, Sydney, Helsinki, the Maldives and especially the Netherlands. The reasons are manifold, such as Development of new living space, dynamisation of urban development as well as protection against the consequences of rising sea-water levels.

Groundbreaking know-how from the Netherlands

Faced with the violence and destructive power of the sea and with floods of water pouring down onto an unprotected coastline and flat land, the Netherlands has been fighting for centuries against the water, protecting people and nature. This resulted in a well-developed, very specific know-how in the construction of water-based buildings, which is unique in the world. Floating apartment buildings, combined with floating sidewalks, are now part of everyday life in Holland in many places. Some project developers and their concept approaches are presented below.