Superkilen // Copenhagen, Denmark

Superkilen is a park in Nørrebro, a Copenhagen district inhabited by people from many different cultural backgrounds. It’s a socially deprived area of Denmark. In urban planning, the objective was to strengthen the diverse identities of the local population and foster social contact with a dedicated concept. From the initial plan up to the implementation in terms of architecture and landscape design, it was developed in cooperation by BIG and TOPOTEK 1 and the Superflex artists’ group. The starting point was to delineate three distinct areas, marked in green, black and red. Colours and shapes were arranged to match and form a lively framework for specific street furniture. The red zone offers facilities for sports and culture to extend the local facilities. Gymnastics equipment and a large piazza activate this zone and offer space for social contact.
Locals can also meet in the community’s “living room” on the black square, which boasts a Moroccan fountain, a large Turkish bench and Japanese cherry trees. In addition, the square features tables, other benches and a barbecue for enjoying food and drink. Personal contact is facilitated by boards for backgammon and chess. The green zone of the park features a playground and lush green areas attracting children, teenagers and families. There’s ample space here – people can either meet in the playground, for a picnic or to do some exercise with their neighbours.