A Place of Nature // Qatar
The Qatar miracle – a sustainable luxury oasis in the desert

The sanzpont team of architects and designers intended to create nothing less than a palace for both humans and nature.
“An oasis is a miracle of life in the desert,” sanzpont say. In turn, they submitted a truly miraculous architecture concept to compete in an international tendering process for a VIP Palace in Qatar. The tendering process had been initiated to collect creative ideas and add dynamics to local urban development.

The design of the parts of their construction cites traditional Arabic symbols and shapes, skilfully lifting them to a new, future-oriented level. The palace dome represents the Sidra tree, an ancient symbol of community and solidarity. It’s a mystic element in Qatari culture which used to serve as a point of orientation in the desert, offering a place in the shade where Bedouins would gather.

The stylish palace, however, is not just a venue for those searching for relaxation or luxury, but is also a natural habitat – an integrated evaporation system inside the inner skin of the building provides a microclimate suited for botanic plants. Water is collected underground and piped up. It is desalinated by means of electrolysis in a system powered by solar energy, which in turn is generated in photovoltaic panels integrated into the outer skin of the dome and the roof. Water is also stored in artificial lakes surrounded by themed gardens and picnic areas.
The innovative, sustainable concept won the third prize in the international competition.