Grand Cancun // Mexico
Fascinating, futuristic, a visionary resort concept: Grand Cancún

The Grand Cancún project was presented for the 50th anniversary of the Mexican city of Cancún, as a new landmark. It combines mystic shapes from the Maya civilisation with a visionary approach to the future. From the outset, Grand Cancún has been intended to function as a counterweight to touristy Cancún. It will be a place halfway between urban and aquatic life, a high-quality resort off the shore and a green investment, a premium resort to work and live in. Grand Cancún will be developed as an attractive business location, with new hotels and functional areas for festivities and events. This new space will offer facilities for relaxation and training. The project will lead to the creation of jobs, too. Conditions at the Grand Cancún will be ideal for generating sustainable energy. Grand Cancún is a stepping stone into a new world. It’s an emblematic structure to host viable options for life in the future.

Grand Cancún boasts a radically new, responsible approach to new technologies of communication, safety, hygiene and renewable energies like solar and wind power, geothermal and hydropower. It is sustainable and respectful by design. Its design and construction aim to meet future needs of city-dwellers. For the architects, Grand Cancún is “the vision of an ecological paradise, an Eden housed in a city building on a platform, offshore.”