Inspirational art hotels

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DERECO Impuls 3

They tell you stories, offering themselves as a space marked by those who have been there before, and they’re highly elusive. In hotels, you live a life out of the ordinary; you slip into a role as in a play, becoming part of a new story. The hotel is a venue, a place to socialise and as such, it’s always been a popular meeting point for the avant-garde, for artists, writers and intellectuals.

The Chelsea Hotel · New York City

At the legendary Chelsea Hotel in New York, Stanley Bard, who took over the hotel’s management from his father in 1957, accepted cash or paintings as payment for accommodation, which he granted to many budding artists upon whose success the hotel’s lasting fame was built. The Chelsea was a place for living, loving, partying, working and even mourning. While some guests filled the house with joy, it was also home to other people’s envy, jealousy and deep desperation. After 65 intensive years, the Chelsea was closed down indefinitely in 2011.