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November 2008 | Financial crisis puts other business sectors at DEGEN in the limelight

The tense and restrained situation on the investment market has also considerably reduced the
classical transaction turnover of DEGEN Unternehmensberatung, Cologne, in comparison with
the previous two years (over 200 mill. euros per year in 2006 und 2007). Marketing of larger port-
folios or individual investments with volumes of over 50 mill. euros has hardly been realisable any
more since the 2nd quarter 2008 or were not even presented on the market at all. On the other hand,
small investments of up to 30 mill. euros have been liquidated at almost the same price level as in
2007. Particularly in the case of DEGEN, offers were restricted almost exclusively to retail trade pro-
ducts in 1 A locations (core / core plus), residential portfolios (opportunistic / value enhanced) and
classical office properties (value enhanced / core / core plus). There were no special properties such
as hotels or nursing homes included in the range of offers this year.