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September 2014 I EUR 50m private equity injection for DERECO project finance

In addition to purchases for its long-term portfolio of property stock, which are expected to total approx.
EUR 100m this year, the DERECO multi-family office has secured another EUR 50m in private equity
from associated families to acquire shares in pending joint developments and proprietary projects.
The approved funds are not only to be used to finance project developments and buy shares in
joint ventures but will also be invested in buying into promising existing real estate in central
retail and/or residential locations to be realised conjointly with a respective developing partner.

It was more than a year ago that DERECO identified the financing gap for commercial project
developments as an investment opportunity for its families. DERECO already began to buy
into several projects of this kind last year. The company intends to enhance its activities in this
segment and turn it into a lasting pillar of its business model.